Paintings 2012 / 2013

 Midsummer  SOLD 

Through The Veil  SOLD

Nocturnal Dreaming  SOLD
 Alchemist of Change  SOLD

The Sleeping Gene Awakes  SOLD

Windows To The Soul  SOLD

Uplifted  SOLD

Wayfinder SOLD

Born With Wings   SOLD

Shine Your Light  SOLD  (available as prints and laptop skins)

 Paradise Found   SOLD  (available as prints and laptop skins)


 Blue in a Cameo Role  (reworked)

Blue in a Starring Role  available for sale or rental

Water of Life      Reworked into Like The Stars and Moons (2015) and donated to CWAV

Release Your Inner Goddess    reworked 

 Inner Quiet  SOLD

One Love Lotus  SOLD

Open to Interpretation  SOLD

She Had A Blind Date With Destiny  SOLD

Saskia's Wall    available for sale or rental

 Sister of Mercy Reworked into Five Holes in My Heart (2015)

The Moment Has Arrived  SOLD

Where the Bright Lights and the Big City Meet   SOLD

Carefully Tended in the Garden of My Heart   (Reworked) 

Song of Redemption  SOLD

Uprising SOLD

 Below The Surface SOLD

Dreaming of Paris  NFS


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